Dall-E and Midjourney are making headlines as revolutionary technologies, but what about the artists whose work is used to train these AI image generators? In my blog post, "Fair Pay for Creators: Compensating Artists in the Age of AI Image Generation," I explore the ethical considerations of using artists' work without compensation, and propose a solution. Check it out to learn more!

Character concept art for a comic book I'm working on, generated using Midjourney v4, in the style 50% of J Scott Campbell, 50% Olivia de Berardinis

Here for something different. Damien Hirst is releasing his first NFT artwork, consisting of 10,000 NFTs, which have been created from unique paintings. I've crunched the numbers for you in Analyzing Damien Hirst's The Currency NFT project - Tops and bottoms.

Damien 1.Png

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Rarible guide for artists, with step-by-step instructions on how to put your artwork on the Ethereum network as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in five steps.

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I recently added my website to the Basic Attention Token (BAT) ecosystem. As the setup can be a bit daunting, I wrote a guide on how to add your website to BAT as a publisher via DNS record on Godaddy.