Rarible NFT guide for artists

Rarible nft guide for artists - how to add your artwork to the ethereum blockchain

Rarible is a platform where artists can sell their artwork online. What's novel about Rarible is that these digital artworks are limited in number, or even unique, ensured by Ethereum blockchain.

You can also gain commission from the resale of your artwork, which is all but impossible elsewhere!

In this guide I will explain how to put your art up for sale on Rarible.

You need the following to get started:

  • Metamask wallet for Brave, Chrome or Firefox browsers
  • Some Ethereum. At the time of writing 0.1 ETH is enough to put a dozen or so pieces on Rarible. The Ethereum should be on your Metamask wallet.
  • Your digital art in jpeg, png or gif format

An understanding of how Metamask wallet and Ethereum network works is very helpful, but you should be able to get your art on Rarible by following this guide even if you're new to crypto.

    Step 1

    Head to app.rarible.com/create. You need to use a browser which has Metamask wallet extension installed.

    Step 2

    Connect your Metamask wallet by clicking on the "Connect Wallet" text in the top right corner of the page (see banner below). Metamask will pop up, and you may need to sign in if you haven't done so already. Now you need to approve Rarible; this allows the site to interact with your wallet (e.g. withdraw funds to pay for minting your artwork).

    Rarible Step 2

    Step 3

    Click on "Create Collectible" on top right (banner above). On that page you can choose to create a single (unique) collectible, or multiple (limited edition) collectibles from the same artwork. In this guide I will choose Multiple.

    Step 4

    On this page you enter all the details to create (mint) the artwork:

    • You can upload your art in jpeg, png or gif (animated gifs are supported). Filesizes are limited to 10mb.
    • Title of the artwork
    • Description. Here I recommend to list an perks you may offer to the buyers, such as discounts on prints.
    • Number of copies. Rarible and Ethereum network ensure that there can only be as many copies as you specify here. The image itself may be copied just like any other image online, but the minted Rarible artwork will only be available in as many units as you decide!
    • Royalties are how much you gain for each sale of your artwork on the secondary market. If you set it at 20%, each and every time anyone sells any copies of the artwork, you get 20% of that sale - at the current sale price!
    • Properties is for metadata you might want to include, e.g. medium, size, format, etc.
    • You can set the price in ETH
    • Unlock once purchased (optional) is data that you want to share with everyone who purchases your artwork. This is where I put my discount code for prints, so that it is only available to those who own your Rarible art.

    Note that after you've minted your artwork, you can never edit any of the above items, except for price!

    Rarible Step 4b

    Step 5

    After you've double-checked for typos, correct URLs and pricing, click on "Create" at the bottom. A new window appears with three steps (see image on the right):

    Rarible Step 5a

        5.1: You first "mint" (create) the NFT. You need to confirm this in the Metamask wallet popup (right), and pay Ethereum network fees. These fees don't go to Rarible but to Ethereum network miners, and are required to create the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) your artwork will be minted into.

    When the Ethereum network is congested I highly recommend clicking on "edit" on the gas fee section, and to choose "fast" to avoid delays or stuck transactions. In slower times "standard" is OK, but I'd never use slow. See window below for reference. To be safe, always use "fast" gas fees.

    Rarible Step 5c
    Rarible Step 5b

        5.2: Wait a few minutes until Metamask confirms the transaction was approved, and "Sign the sell order" becomes available. Click on it, and sign (confirm) in the Metamask popup.

        5.3: Again wait a few minutes until lock becomes available. Click on it, and confirm the transaction in the Metamask popup.

    And that's it, your Rarible NFT is now out there for anyone to view and purchase! You can see it in the Rarible Marketplace or on your own artist page on Rarible, though it might take a few minutes to appear.

    You can also edit the price, give them away by transferring to another Metamask wallet (or any Ethereum address for that matter), or remove from sale.

    Hope you find this guide useful! Please head on to my Rarible page at rarible.com/darkdays to check out my current artwork on sale!