Fundraiser for Ukraine

We're raising funds for ukraine to donate vehicles and medical supplies

My friends and I have raised over 12,000 EUR in funds for Hospitallers Ukraine in the past months, and we've delivered an ambulance, pick-up truck and medical supplies. Image on the right is from past fundraising rounds, and you can find more info below.

We are now on our third fundraising round, and we need your help! This time around we're raising funds directly to Hospitallers Ukraine Medical Aid, which is a registered charity in the UK.

Please donate using the button below!

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We are in contact with locals near the front lines in Zaporizhzhya in eastern Ukraine and their families who came as refugees to Poland at the start of the war. We already raised 12,522.14 EUR in funds from individual donors like yourself, ourselves, and through our friends. We used the funds to buy medical supplies that we donated along with the off-road pickup truck to the Ukrainian volunteer medical battalion in Zaporizhzhya. The truck is now used to move people, including evacuating wounded civilians and hauling water and medical supplies.

Photographs from our trip on the right. We delivered the truck and medical supplies to Poland to the ladies pictured, who then drove it across the border and handed it over to Hospitallers Medical Battallion, who drove it across the country to Zaporizhzhya.

We collected funds for an ambulance during our second round, which we also delivered, photographs below.

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Now we are on our third round: this time we're collecting funds which go directly to Hospitallers, and there are no fees involved, just like previous rounds. Please donate using the button below - link goes directly to Hospitallers website!

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Here documentation for our first run, including registration transfer for the car, cashflow summary of our first run, and donations in and out. Also included receipts for the medical supplies.


Car registration document


Medical supplies receipt


Cashflow of first run


Medical supplies receipt

Donations In

Donations in

Donations Out

Donations out

Car registration handover with relevant documents with Kateryna.